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Jill Alikas St Thomas is the author of A Walk in The Park, a cannabis Chronicle thriller and co founder of The Mad Hatter Coffee & Tea Co., a cannabis infused beverage company. She was also the co founder of the Sire/ Reprise band The Waterlillies with three top ten hits in the U.S.

Simpler times

Ladies reading in simpler times.   In simpler times, we mended. We tended, we did more than survive. We were splendid and aware, in the moment and took care. Holding hands, dating, exploring there was always time. In simpler times, we savored moments. We took the time to have pride. In simpler things [...]

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When a bad day gets worse… use it in your book

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zHcB-g3xV1g How I Feel The police leave a burden of questions and concerns I hadn’t imagined I would have when I woke up today. Before I breach the subject, however, Remy breaks the silence, “Did you know they store plutonium waste in kitty litter?” Not knowing what to say, I blink, “Rem, the police [...]

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Hastening the life force eternal with every breath of clear crisp air that delves between the layers of soot and ash, we awaken to the rise of spirits, morale and kindredness eager to share the splendor of nature's bounty with tidings of happiness and hope for everything that is new and splendid. Draconian colors, woo [...]

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Cracks in the surface

Cracks in the surface, give way to speculation of the foundation, the very core of structure and base of all things becomes questionable. These cracks give way to fear, disillusion, isolation and panic. But as in all things, perspective plays a big role in how we see things and by taking the time to shed [...]

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Shelled Nut Warning

Beware of shelled nuts!     Beware of shelled nuts, they are proven to cause excessive fear of solitude and quiet moments; encouraging the idea of life but never the time to enjoy it. Interminably inspired by wealth and status , so little given to the notion of introspection: A simple snowflake cut [...]

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Propelled by the unseen energy of all life, swept and dragged across the floor then released by the force of all collaborators, connecting beauty,expelling horror. A derision of civilization, churning excess and binding frippery. Our one true immortal, existing eternally.  

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The only safe place

When all the worlds are in turmoil. Boiling, roiling, consuming, smothering, isolating, confining, castaway, adrift. The silent calm from the depths, balances, invites, heals and barriers. The only safe place inside, bridges and renews. The only safe place is you.    

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Heaven and Hell

The light and darkness that harness our souls, is a reverie to the unsung and obsessed magic we chose to acknowledge or ignore. Ever beating, ever hiding, ever ending - driving us forward and extended or downward and defeated, like mortals. Perfect moments, memories, hunches and omens stroking our egos while feigning balance and accord [...]

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Forever it seemed Stoic and peaceful Bare and cold. Forever brimming Unfathomable seas Unknowable lands wandering. Forever I believed Unquestioning Trusting of the hidden                

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Unseen offerings

Night fades, with it my friends Things I know, feelings I understand Stirring the unknown inside, of the unknown that surrounds.   Tempting the light, the forbidden dawn Unable to subdue, unwilling to retreat The offering is unmistakably unseen, yet lingers and pursues.   Bandied chasms depose fettered chains Dispelling the wrote from the sublime [...]

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