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Jill Alikas St Thomas is the author of A Walk in The Park, a cannabis Chronicle thriller and co founder of The Mad Hatter Coffee & Tea Co., a cannabis infused beverage company. She was also the co founder of the Sire/ Reprise band The Waterlillies with three top ten hits in the U.S.

Bending the light

Precious few moments one beginning, one ending Revitalizing and restoring Cleansing all that is mediocrity, hopeless and foul.   Perpetual threads Ceaseless creation and death The tether of light and darkness We lay in wait, witness to the only true genesis Beholden and inspired.    

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Gods of men

The Fountains of France Through the haze of memory He stands erect dominating La Place de la Concorde He is perfection. Strong yet docile, kind yet onerous There is no equal. The hordes honor him as they pass The crowned reverant, an inexplicable evolution Transcending the ages. Mired yet ephemeral, a mirror of [...]

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The balance of nature Laden by nature, they excavate themselves from the sea No easy task weighed by a mirthless labor Blind to all circumstance Internal bearing all consuming Painting the sands with a timeless key Sanctimonious indolence or designful manifestation ,no one can say Their instincts continue battling A wonderous cycle of [...]

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Nurtured by the Ancients

Guardian of the path Every tree in every forest, plain, mountain or jungle is the apotheosis of the primordial spirit within. Some sleep peacefully, others are reminders that the world belongs to a higher form of existence. The ancient ones continually resonate with omnipresence that cannot be defined by the thought process of [...]

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Bridges to nowhere

Faced with this bridge, spanning over a dead marsh leading to the sea. I panicked. It's not comfortable to be surrounded by so much death. Who's fault is this? How did this happen? Why didn't someone clean this up? Why do I feel so uncomfortable? These questions and my own fear of mortality challenged by [...]

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Making Life into Fiction

For several years my muse was quiet.  I knew I was secretly feeding her, but missed her just the same. Surrounded by the sublime beauty of the Costa Rican jungle and shore, I took simple pleasures in divining objects offered by the sea- Star fish as big as my head wandering out of tide pools [...]

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