Jill Alikas St Thomas was born

in Red Bank New Jersey in 1967 to Stephen Peter Alikas and Margaret Ann  (Peggy) Rankl. She and her brother were raised by their mother in Old Bridge and attended high school in Holmdel New Jersey. An early passion for poetry and writing, as well as a distinctive desire to perform led her to Florida where she attended but did not complete studies at the University of Tampa in Florida with a full classical music scholarship, she also studied figurative sculpture. Dropping out of school, Jill became the singer of The Flower Sermon a local Tampa band in 1985. In 1987 She met Ray Carroll in NYC and they created The Waterlillies, soon signed to Reprise/ Sire Records by Seymour Stein. They released two full length albums with three songs breaking the top 10 charts in 1994 – 1995 and Never Get Enough, reaching No. 1 in the U.S.

Jill met her husband Thomas St Thomas in NYC in the summer of 1989, a fine artist from California, they married in 1994 in Maui Hawaii. A year later her mother died of cancer at home. In 1996 they moved to New Mexico, where they opened the Fine Art Gallery, Margeaux Kurtie Modern Art, named after her mother and a recently deceased friend.

Her daughter Elektra was born in 2005. Determined to raise their daughter with global awareness, their family moved to Costa Rica for four years and homeschooled.

Jill Co- founded The Mad Hatter Coffee & Tea Co., a cannabis infusion company, specializing in drinks. Since 2007, working in tandem with her husband they helped pioneer cannabis beverages and are presently serving over half a dozen legal states. Considered a Green Queen of cannabis, she has been profiled by The New York Times, Time Magazine and Newsweek.

In 2015 Jill began writing  A Walk in The Park, based on a dream and her experiences in the industry. She continues to live in a magical town in New Mexico with her husband and their daughter.