Propelled by the unseen energy of all life, swept and dragged across the floor then released by the force of all collaborators, connecting beauty,expelling horror. A derision of civilization, churning excess and binding frippery. Our one true immortal, existing eternally.  

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Heaven and Hell

The light and darkness that harness our souls, is a reverie to the unsung and obsessed magic we chose to acknowledge or ignore. Ever beating, ever hiding, ever ending - driving us forward and extended or downward and defeated, like mortals. Perfect moments, memories, hunches and omens stroking our egos while feigning balance and accord [...]

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Forever it seemed Stoic and peaceful Bare and cold. Forever brimming Unfathomable seas Unknowable lands wandering. Forever I believed Unquestioning Trusting of the hidden                

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Bending the light

Precious few moments one beginning, one ending Revitalizing and restoring Cleansing all that is mediocrity, hopeless and foul.   Perpetual threads Ceaseless creation and death The tether of light and darkness We lay in wait, witness to the only true genesis Beholden and inspired.    

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The balance of nature Laden by nature, they excavate themselves from the sea No easy task weighed by a mirthless labor Blind to all circumstance Internal bearing all consuming Painting the sands with a timeless key Sanctimonious indolence or designful manifestation ,no one can say Their instincts continue battling A wonderous cycle of [...]

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